CPLL Spring 2017 Baseball Update

Posted by Cambrian Park Little League on Jan 04 2017 at 05:04PM PST in Spring 2017

Happy New Year CP community! Hope everyone is doing well. This email contains a lot of important information, so please read it carefully.

We have nearly 400 kids signed up for spring ball thus far and are expecting another 100 or so before all is said and done.

DOCUMENT VERIFICATION: Our second and final verification night is Tuesday, Jan 10 from 6-8 pm at Steindorf School in the multipurpose room (cafeteria). If you have questions about appropriate documents, please review the information on our webpage at

TRYOUTS: Tryouts for AA, AAA, and Majors are scheduled for Saturday, Jan 14 and Saturday, Jan. 21. All players planning on playing in one of those divisions must attend one of the tryouts.

Schedule for Sat, Jan 14*: Please arrive 45 minutes prior to your start time to check in and warm up. Also, please be sure to be dressed in appropriate baseball gear (cleats, cup, hat, baseball/sweat pants).

AA 9 am – 11 am (Farm Field)
AAA (last names starting with A-L) 10 am – 12 noon (Minor Field)
Majors (last names starting with A-L) 10 am – 12 noon (Major Field)
AAA (Last names starting with M-Z) 12 noon – 2 pm (Minor Field)
Majors (Last names starting with M-Z) 12 noon – 2 pm (Major Field)

LITTLE LEAGUE AGE FOR 2017 SEASON: Understandably, there is always some confusion around players’ ages for the baseball season. When we refer to a player’s age for any reason, we are using their “little league age”, which may or not be their actual age at the time. For kids born in 2006 or later, the age they will be on August 31, 2017 is their age for this season. So if a player was born in May of 2009, for example, they are little league age 8 this year.

The only exceptions to this rule are kids born in 2004 and 2005. Those kids are allowed to claim the age they are on April 30, 2017 (old cutoff date) as their age for this season. So a kid born in May of 2005, for example, is an 11 year-old for this year.

Refer to the official little league age chart for this year as needed:

PLAYING OUTSIDE YOUR AGE GROUP’S CORE DIVISION: To the best of our ability, all players are placed in the division of play most closely associated with that player’s skill level. Every season we have some kids playing either above or below their core group. Core ages are as follows: Majors (11-12), AAA (9-10), AA (8), A (7), Tee Ball (5-6).

  • If you wish your child to play outside of their core age group, a REQUEST for such should be emailed to

If a player wishes to play “up”, (a 10 in Majors, an 8 in AAA, a 7 in AA, a 6 in A), then they need to attend the tryout for the higher level. For 7’s, 8’s, and 10’s, this would be at one of the regular tryouts, Jan 14 and 21. 6 year-olds who have played a year of tee ball can go to a special tryout to move on to A ball. Details will be given on time/place of that tryout after emailing CPLL’s info officer. Attending a tryout does not guarantee placement in the higher division. For kids wishing to play up, attending both tryouts is recommended.

If a player wishes to play “down” from their core age group, they must also email the info officer. If they are ages 8-12, they still MUST try out with their core age group.

Finally, based on the registration numbers and the experience of this year’s players, we will have many 11 year olds in AAA and many 9 year olds in AA this season. Again, the overarching goal of the league is to place players in a division matching their skill set.

UPGRADES AT FIELDS: As most everyone is aware, significant upgrades have occurred at our fields in the last year. The parking lot has been paved and striped and looks wonderful. The blacktop outside of the Major field has similarly been paved and striped and has new basketball hoops, a new playground, and more. The Cambrian School District has been most generous and accommodating throughout the remodel process. This will be our first season operating a little league and an active school simultaneously and the league and district have been working together to resolve any foreseeable issues this will create. However, there will undoubtedly be other issues and we ask people’s patience and understanding as we work through our growing pains. In short, please be aware and considerate of the neighbors who live around the fields as well as the staff and students of Steindorf School.

OPENING DAY: Scheduled for March 4, 2017. We will have our opening day parade, recognitions, and first games of the year!

Teams at all levels will be formed starting the last week of January and first week of February. Typically, it takes a bit more time for lower level teams as we are accepting registrants on an ongoing basis. Once your player is designated to a team, the coach will contact you with all necessary details.

FINALLY….USED GEAR/EQUIPMENT DONATION DRIVE: Attached is a flier detailing steps for donating gently used baseball equipment and gear as well as the commensurate distribution of such. We will sell them to our own community at garage sale type prices in order to save everyone some money. Accepting donations early and often and the sale will be the first weekend in February after teams have been announced. Please see flier for more details.

Whew. I know that was a lot – if you’ve gotten this far you deserve a cheeseburger.

Looking forward to seeing everyone around the fields.

Dan Winsor
President, CPLL


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