Use of Cambrian Park Little League Facility During Steindorf School Construction

Posted by Cambrian Park Little League on Sep 03 2015 at 11:15AM PDT in Spring 2015

Dear CPLL Baseball Community:

As all of you can see, our CPLL facility at Steindorf (Ross and Foxworthy) is severely impacted by the school construction going on. The school construction is in full swing now and we currently have restricted access to the facility. The Cambrian School District and their construction company has been very accommodating in allowing us to finish our Spring regular season and summer post-season without any real restrictions. Now we are in our off-season and we are not hosting Fall Ball at Steindorf for the first time in a while primarily for safety reasons and secondarily to make it easier for the construction company to complete as much work as possible ahead of our Spring 2016 season.

Just yesterday someone wanting to use the baseball facility at Steindorf took apart a section of the construction fence to gain access to the fields or batting cages. This type of activity is going to cause us to be completely restricted from the facility during the construction period if we are not careful and respectful of the work going on at Steindorf.

If you need access to the CPLL facility at Steindorf, it is imperative that you call the CPLL hotline (408) 390-3709. The number is also on our marquee. Don Burger (CPLL Director of our Steindorf baseball facility) will respond to you. If you witness trespassers or unsafe behavior on the part of our community members at Steindorf, you can call the Construction Manager “Russ” at (530) 350-0088 and/or Don Burger. Please DO NOT call the Cambrian School District or the construction company with your questions or concerns.

Thank you,
Rob Griffin
President, CPLL


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