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2019 President’s Message

Posted by Cambrian Park Little League at Mar 10, 2019 9:17PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

The 2019 Little League Baseball Season is upon us. On behalf of the entire Board of Directors, I want to extend a warm welcome to our returning baseball families as well as to all new families joining our League and our community.
At a time when children have many sports and activities to choose from, we are grateful so many families have decided to play baseball as part of Cambrian Park Little League. We are honored you chose us, and you have my commitment and that of every one of of our Board Members that we will do our best to make the CPLL experience a great one for your child.

What It’s All About

This is a special place. In fact, I would humbly argue no other youth sports organization in the Bay Area can match the welcoming community that we’ve been fortunate to build here. CPLL has served families here for more than half of a century, providing a positive environment for the development of sportsmanship, character, and athletic skill among our baseball youth. Our program puts an emphasis on fundamentals, participation, development, teamwork, safety, family involvement, and fun. All while developing an appreciation and love for the game of baseball. As a parent myself, I know what a thrill it is to see your child play for the first time and watch them grow and improve through the years. These are memories that we all will cherish and I am pleased that you too will enjoy watching your children learn baseball and grow as part of the CPLL family.

Who Makes It Happen

I would like to extend a big thank you to our hardworking Board Members. Their time, dedication, and sacrifice help make one of the most respected youth baseball leagues around. It is a job that involves a lot of work with little recognition. Without their efforts, our league would not be the special place that it is.
CPLL is 100% self-funded and 100% run by volunteers. It is our volunteers that make our League great and we call upon everyone to help out. Volunteering your time only goes to further the betterment of the players within our League, so please don’t be shy — just ask any Board member or coach, “How can I help?” Help comes in many forms and in roles from the very small to the much larger ones. Every bit matters. No matter how you volunteer, I am confident you will find it one of the most satisfying things you can do for all the kids who make our fields their second home over the coming months.

As a Little League we have only a few sources of income to cover all the equipment and other expenses associated with running our program. So it comes down to our parents, Board Members, and volunteers to both contribute whatever works for them and to put in the effort to raise funds for CPLL’s financial needs.
We have fantastic sponsors! As a non-profit community organization, we would not be able to maintain our tradition of excellence without the financial support of so many generous individuals and local businesses. Whether you sponsored a team, have a board on the field, plaque at your place of business, or made any other type of contribution, thank you so much for your donations. We get great feedback every year about not only the visibility that comes from a sponsorship, but also the impact of referrals and word-of-mouth from being part of the CPLL network. Please visit and check out our Opening Day Program for a list of our fantastic sponsors. As you see these sponsorships around the park and meet the great people behind them, please remember them and please consider spending your money with these great partners of CPLL .

Whether this is your first generation as a CPLL family member or your fourth, I want to thank you again for supporting us and for being a part of this special league. I look forward to a wonderful 2019 season.

Jeff Price
CPLL President

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Photo Schedule for March 10th

Posted by Cambrian Park Little League at Mar 6, 2019 9:05PM PST
Photo Appt Division Team Name Manager
8:30 AM Tee Ball Red Sox Ryan Leiby
8:40 AM Tee Ball Cubs Ron Cuadro
8:50 AM Majors Royals Steve Hawkins
9:10 AM Majors Tigers Kurt Thompson
9:20 AM Majors Braves Jay Jennings
9:30 AM Challengers Cubs Barbara Marrone
9:50 AM Challengers Cubs Barbara Marrone
10:10 AM Tee Ball Giants Ed Chirco
10:20 AM AAA Reds Eric Van Hooser
-- No photos during this time --
11:50 AM Tee Ball Mariners Brian Twehues
12:00 PM AA Nats Dennis Ingols
12:10 PM A A’s Mike Koontz
12:20 PM Juniors Mets Shawn Hammett
12:30 PM Majors Red Sox Chris Mastrodicasa
12:40 PM AAA Blue Jays Matt Stravitz
12:50 PM AA A’s Robert Amyx
1:00 PM A Cubs Jay Reed
1:10 PM Tee Ball A’s Eric Bengtson
1:20 PM Juniors A’s Jeff Lowrey
1:30 PM Majors Giants Tony Korba
1:40 PM AAA Red Sox Johnny Vietvu
2:05 PM AAA Astros Don Whiting
2:15 PM A Giants Adam Galvez
2:25 PM AAA Giants Josh Lyngar
2:35 PM AA White Sox john quinn
2:45 PM A Yankees Jeff Bowman
2:55 PM AAA Twins Matt Handforth
3:15 PM AA Twins Trevor Just
3:25 PM AAA Mets Malcolm Ching
3:35 PM AAA A’s Matt Haven
3:45 PM AA Giants Will Kouvaris
3:55 PM A Astros Scott Lewis
4:05 PM AA Red Sox Adam Pyle
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Posted by Cambrian Park Little League at Jan 12, 2019 8:19AM PST

The rains overnight were light and the fields are in good enough condition. Tryouts will take place at Steindorf (CPLL Home) as scheduled:

Check-in: 9:30
Tryout: 10-11
Field: Farm

Check-in: 10:30
Tryout: 11-12
Field: Don Burger

Check-in: 11:30
Tryout: 12-1
Field: Majors

6 Year Olds
Check-in / Tryout: 12:30
Field: Farm

REMINDER: If you received an email regarding missing residency documents please bring them to the tryouts.

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CPLL News - End of Year Edition

Posted by Cambrian Park Little League at Dec 20, 2018 9:08AM PST

Bat Standard!

Little League changed its bat rule last season. Here is a link of the FAQ regarding the current bat standards as well as the logo you should look for when buying a bat. Here is the link for the actual qualified bat list:

Document Verification Night

The second and final Document Verification Night will be on Wed, January 9th from 6-8 in the Steindorf STEAM school multi-purpose room (cafeteria). This is the school at our little league field site. If you did not attend the first one in December it is required that you attend this one so your child can be verified to play in our league this year. Every family must verify every year. Here is a link detailing approved documents for verifying residency . If your child is playing in CPLL based on where they go to school, rather than living within our boundaries, the school attendance form must be signed by the school principal, not someone else in the office.

Field Clean-Up Day

We will be at at CPLL on Saturday, January 5th from 9-12 AM. We encourage all parents and kids to come out and help get the fields ready for the season. If you have rakes, shovels, blowers or other related equipment please bring it along. If you have a particular skill and can help with other related items please let us know when you arrive or email us at . All of CPLL is run by volunteers and these cleanup days are a great way for families to give a little back to the league. Please come on down if at all possible – even if just for an hour or two.


Tryouts are only for AA, AAA, and Majors divisions and will be held on two dates: January 12th and January 19th. It’s is required that you attend one of them. You do not need to attend both. Please put those dates on your calendars and we will be in touch as we get closer with specific times for each division.

We can’t wait for the new season to start. Thank you very much and Happy Holidays.

Jeff Price
CPLL President

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Volunteer Background Checks

Posted by Cambrian Park Little League at Nov 11, 2018 2:20PM PST

Hello CP,

Little League has contracted with JDP to run Volunteer Background checks! This new relationship solves the issue of securing personal sensitive information. The new system will allow each volunteer to access the online system and input all this information on a secure website and then submit the information to be run and results sent to Cambrian Park LL.

Anyone who has repetitive access to players and teams is required to submit a volunteer background check.

Here is the new process:

  1. Click on the Volunteer link here and submit your name and email address. The league will submit your names and emails to the JDP system. You will receive an email from JDP with a secured link directly to JDP online background system.
  2. Complete the online form (takes a few minutes) and submit.
  3. Last step (very important) on document verification night (12/5 & 1/9) you must stop at the volunteer’s table and:
  • Provide current ID (photocopy)
  • Sign little league form

That’s it!! It’s pretty straightforward and easy but you have to complete all 3 steps.

Thank you
CPLL President
Jeff Price


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